Artists and directors Alina Brovina and Vera Sokolova have created a play which touches upon the topic of ecology and is full of love towards our planet at the same time.

The story is about the adventure of a baby Bengal tiger, which starts in a Mediterranean port. While the baby tiger is searching for his father, a sailor, his imagination is fascinated by life in a port. He finds himself in another world of foreign ships, annoying seagulls and giraffe-cranes. The play teaches kids about different countries; children learn how important it is to take care about our planet and the creatures living on it. The play is partly interactive, which makes it appropriate for kids older than 1. The play is created in authentic style of «Fetr&Bro» artistic union.

1,5-6 years

Производство: Funny Bell

Продолжительность: 30 min + master-class

Directors: Vera Sokolova and Alina Brovina

Actors: Fernando Moreno, Elena Solopova

Composer: Ilya Borodin

Занято в спектакле: 3 чел.

Телефон для справок:

+7 (495) 658-68-51, +7 (906) 729-28-38

Создатели и участники. Спектакль «PORT»
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